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During this call, you will speak with one of our EXPERTS, who will give you GOLDEN IDEAS that will lead to an emolectual connection with your audience. You will have the choice to use these concepts and execute on your own or hire Synduit to be your outsourced marketing/consulting firm.

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Campaign Development Platform (CDP)

In order to understand the CDP (Campaign Development Platform),it is important to become aware of how Synduit defines this term…

Campaign Defined…

A Comprehensive Communication Vehicle that makes the audience aware of a specific initiative and consists of the following

  • Email Marketing Campaign Consisting of 4-8 Email Broadcasts (Invitations)
  • 3-5 Social Media Updates for Facebook and Twitter (if necessary)
  • Youtube Video Script followed by a recorded video
  • Autoresponder emails (Thank You, Reminder 24 hours in advance, and reminder 3 hours in advance)
  • Custom Designed Landing Page
  • Fliers for print
  • Follow up messages which reinforce the call to action


Due to the fact that we are happy to give free resources to help small business owners succeed, we would be happy to offer you the twelve questions that must be answered in order to create and execute a successful campaign.

  1. Why do YOU do, what you do?
  2. Why are you hosting this event?
  3. How will the attendee benefit?
  4. What will take place at this event?
  5. What questions are you answering?
  6. How do you DEFINE success for this event?
  7. What myth are you debunking?
  8. Why is this important?
  9. Why should someone attend this program?
  10. What is the fee structure for this event? Early registration? Additional Ticket? (Please be specific)
  11. What is the date/time/location?
  12. What is the call to action?

If you decide to hire Synduit as your outsourced marketing and consulting division, we will take full responsibility for creating all of your campaigns on a monthly basis by means of copy writing, landing page development, social media updates, fliers for print, scripts, follow-up messages, etc. We will make your initiatives almost completely hands off (besides for providing some details) and then execute with intention on your behalf.

The world of marketing has morphed into a model where consistency of dynamic communication is at the foundation of small/mid-sized business success. As a result of this metamorphosis from “manipulative marketing (“Special Pricing”)” to “education based marketing (“We want you to know what we know”), small business owners finally have a chance to play on a larger field and allow their message to reach a more expansive audience. The only predicament that many organizations face is a limited reach with their current database and social media following. As a result, many of these small businesses often feel as if their efforts are futile because the number of people receiving this information is minimal. The outcome is small organizations who do not participate in 21st century marketing, and as a result, the people in each community are unaware that this business could offer a solution in their lives.

This is where one of the most successful Synduit campaigns comes into play with the Teleseminar Network. The initiative is only an example of what Synduit can employ for you, but it couldbecome hugely beneficial because it will lead to synergistic relationships, with likeminded businesses, database expansion, and a community that is hearing from YOU on a consistent basis.

We would be happy to discuss this campaign and others as well, during a FREE 30 minute engagement consultation with one of our success consultants. During this call, you will speak with one of our EXPERTS, who will give you GOLDEN IDEAS that will lead to an emolectual connection, and then you can decide if you would like to execute on your own or with the support of Synduit.

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