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Learning Management System

Synduit'sLearning Management System (LMS) brings a new level of power and integration to the online learning marketplace. Based on Synduit's unique online business, ecommerce and website management platform, the Synduit LMS allows its users to offer rich, multimedia-enhanced courses, complete with lessons, assignments, testing and grading. Robust community facilities allow teachers and students to collaborate, communicate and share ideas, resources and discussions.


Synduit's LMS is also fully integrated with the Events Management system, which offers online event registration and tools to manage virtual and in-person events. With Synduit, when you create an Event you can add online course facilities to it, so that every event can have its own online Classroom. Here the Event leader can offer resources like audio and videos, links to important web sites, a forum for discussions among event participants, even a directory where event participants can opt to show their names and contact information, so they can keep in touch with other event participants during and after the event. The event leader can also choose to create full online lessons, assignments and tests to provide further value to the event itself. For the first time, events can be online courses and online courses can be events! This opens new doors for sharing of knowledge, enhancing students' experiences, and generating new revenue for event and course planners.

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