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Plan of Action vs Plan of Intention

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During this call, you will speak with one of our EXPERTS, who will give you GOLDEN IDEAS that will lead to an emolectual connection with your audience. You will have the choice to use these concepts and execute on your own or hire Synduit to be your outsourced marketing/consulting firm.

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Plan of Action vs Plan of Intention

There is a critically important distinction that we need to address which will benefit you regardless of whether you decide to hire Synduit to become your Outsourced Marketing and Consulting department. This happens be one of the most significant challenges that small/mid-sized business experience.

What we have found is that there is no shortage of plans that organizations build when it comes to marketing and growth. These agendas typically focus on social media initiatives, hiring, events, seminars, teleseminars, email marketing, internet campaigns, search, etc. and if you have ever hired a consultant with the intention of growing your business, they definitely helped build a plan for you, but here lies the predicament.

action 1

Small/mid-sized businesses do not need plans of action because it is human nature to almost never take action and instead simply talk about it. Action requires effort and typically these plans accumulate dust and become points of frustration because the business owner knows what needs to get done, but unfortunately they do not have the necessary resources that will help see these ideas to fruition. The other scenario is a small business who has a plan, but there is very limited structure or strategy so the efforts, although planned, are haphazard at best and the results are intermittent.

This is why the Synduit Plan of Intention is an essential component to your success as a business owner because the only action that will yield the outcome you desire are intention based actions where you have crystal clarity of why you are doing this in the first place.

One you join the Synduit movement, you will work closely with your success consultant in order to create a One Year Plan of Intention (don’t worry, we have NO CONTRACTS, but in order for our relationship to thrive we need structure and awareness).

The intention of the Year Plan is to create structure around the many opportunities which are presented so that we have a strong foundation to support the various initiatives. Over the course of this year, there are three goals that we need to have in place:

1. Growth: This fundamental goal can be characterized by not only growing the database, but simultaneously engaging the people who are receiving all of the campaigns. Society has led us to believe that having a WIDE and expansive audience to communicate with is essential to the success of the marketer, but we do not agree, and instead, we need to develop an audience who is looking forward to receiving the information that you share.

2. Branding: It is vital to achieve the status of branding where the audience completely understands your WHY and looks to join your cause. We will subliminally and directly introduce our philosophies to the database (and the world) so that they begin to associate YOUR WHY with what they desire to achieve in their lives.

action 2

3. Conversion: Conversion can be defined as generating new business, establishing a movement where people are enthusiastic about the cause you are leading, and we are having a great time throughout the entire process

Headspace Questions

What often happens in the world of small business owners is when you initially open your organization, there is an enormous amount of excitement, combined with creativity, but as time goes on, the innovativeness often dwindles. The reason this often happens is because during the “years” that you have been running your business, you have probably had many creative ideas which never were executed upon. As a result, the part of your brain which is used for creativity (Right Brain) becomes somewhat dormant. With this being said, once you engage in a working relationship with Synduit, we are going to “light your internal fire” once again and help you begin CREATING.

action 3

In order to begin this process of developing a YEAR PLAN, please answer the following questions (HONESTLY):

1. What has been your greatest idea of all time?
2. What idea has been most well received by your audience?
3. What idea has your audience been least receptive to?
4. What have you ALWAYS wanted to do within business, but never acted upon?
What has held you back?
What do you think will be possible if we were to implement this idea?
5. What are your expectations when it comes to marketing over the next 365 days?

Our mission is to even the playing field for small businesses when compared with large organizations so that your message echoes loudest and reaches your audience consistently and over the course of time.

Remember, every action requires an intention, because an action without an intention will lead to a result without an achievement. Results are by chance, whereas achievements are by choice. It is time to choose the path of achievements that can be replicated and reproduced over the course of time with the support of Synduit.

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