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During this call, you will speak with one of our EXPERTS, who will give you GOLDEN IDEAS that will lead to an emolectual connection with your audience. You will have the choice to use these concepts and execute on your own or hire Synduit to be your outsourced marketing/consulting firm.

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Features and Benefits Model

Feature: Custom Designed Websites
Benefits: We believe in creating a sense of individuality for you and your business with custom designed websites. Our talented design team will build websites that appeal to your audience on an emolectual level with slideshows, images, videos, opt ins, integrated blogging, powerful content and so much more. Our goal with the website is to make you inordinately proud so that you tell EVERYONE to visit your online environment because it completely represents, why you do, what you do.

Feature:  Synduit All in One Marketing Solution
Ecommerce, Event Registration, CRM, Landing Pages, Email System, AutoResponders, Membership, Password Encryption, Learning Management System)
Benefits: The world of the web has, and continues, to evolve rapidly, and as a result, most people are forced to piecemeal various software providers in order to create the ideal solution for their business. This often leads to a sense of chaos because the various platforms do not integrate seamlessly, nor do they speak with one another. An example could be a business who wants a website, email system, ecommerce, a blog, event registration, and a CRM. Prior to Synduit’s 14 year+ old, time tested, software, this business owner would need to work with 5-6 different vendors in order to achieve what Synduit offers with its all in one marketing solution (PLUS—we will use it on your behalf!)

Feature:   Synduit Outsourced Marketing
Please answer these questions…

1.) Do you know that your business needs an improved online presence, that is interactive, offers consistent communication via email marketing, social media, blogging, etc., and engages your audience through the entire Decision Paradigm; but you realize that you do not know how and/or you do not have the time and/or it is not worth your time?

2.) Have you attempted to hire someone to “do your marketing,” but you find it difficult to find an expert who really understands your business AND 21st century communication AND MOST IMPORTANTLY can translate what they understand about your business to your audience in order to develop a emolectual connection and a business that grows?

3.) Do you realize that right now the world is moving way too quickly for you and it will be impossible to catch up when it comes to the 21st century marketing model?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then you need to schedule a 30 minute engagement consultation with Synduit Success Consultant so that we can share with you what you NEED to be doing to grow your business, and then you can decide if you are ready to join our movement. Synduit is the “DO IT FOR YOU” Marketing model that you know you need. We become an extension of your business and handle all of the internet marketing, social media, and many live initiatives as well. We become your conduit to share your message with the world.

Feature: Synduit Outsourced Consulting
Benefits: Many small business owners get to a point when creativity is strained, new ideas are stale, and the business just becomes another day at WORK. When owners reach this point, the business initially plateaus, and then goes into a slow decline.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are businesses that are thriving, expanding their markets, opening up new relationships, but they YEARN to do more and grow in a way that most would say is impossible.

The outsourced consulting group at Synduit will provide what is needed and more, in both of these scenarios. Synduit is made of expert marketers who have mastered 21st century communication, and have been trained to see areas where businesses can grow dramatically. Not only do we introduce new ideas and concepts to all of our clients, but then our outsourced marketing agency will execute comprehensive campaigns in order engage your audience. In almost every scenario, we will employ a marketing campaign each month.

Feature: Landing Page Development 
Synduit clients who are part of the Outsourced Marketing/ Consulting model will enjoy the benefits of strategic landing pages that are built in order to assist in branding and promotions. Each page is custom designed and the copy will be written by the Synduit team based on the details that have been provided by the client. Landing pages are fantastic tools for database growth, product purchases, event registration, ASK campaigns, drip communication, Google PPC, teleseminar sign up, and so much more.

Feature: Email Marketing Campaigns
Benefits:  One of the consistent frustrations we see for business owners is an inability to effectively communicate what they do and why they do it through email marketing campaigns. If your audience does not receive consistent and congruent information, the outcome is haphazard results and businesses that never truly reach their full potential. The Synduit team is comprised of expert copy writers who will take your ideas and write your email marketing campaigns, autoresponder programs, landing page development, and we support in the creation of e-books/special reports* (additional fees might apply for e-books and special reports).

Feature: Social Media Initiatives
Synduit will support the clients who participate in the outsourced marketing/consulting model with social media efforts in order to keep your following informed and engaged. Whenever your custom designed website is updated with a blog post, testimonial, event, product, initiative, etc. the Synduit team will update your social media accounts with this new release.

Feature: Emolectual Decision Paradigm  
Benefits: The Emolectual Decision Paradigm is a communication model and philosophy that is proprietary to Synduit. We will create a mechanism that will appeal to your audience on an intellectual and emotional level. When your clients and prospects are educated so that they can understand what you offer, and we emotionally connect them to why you do what you do, we will then develop a loyal following of repeat buyers, and even more importantly, a movement where your story is shared by the people using your products and services.

Feature: No Long Term Contract
Synduit believes in a performance based world, which is why we do not have any long term contracts. Therefore, we create no barrier to enter and no barrier to leave besides a 30 day written notice of cancellation. Our belief is that if we perform, you would never even consider leaving and you will probably refer all of the other business owners that you know to the Synduit movement. So, give us a shot, you have nothing to lose and the potential to gain in an enormous way!


Feature: Insanely Committed Team
With all of the features listed above, there is nothing that Synduit takes more pride in than our commitment to your success. We will work day and night to find strategies that will help you succeed. We recognize that your business is something you created and you have worked diligently to build and we will do everything possible to fully employ the Decision Paradigm by establishing an emolectual connection with your clients, prospects, and your entire audience.