Creative Assistant

Creative Assistant

JobCode: CT0005
Position: Full time
Location: Literally anywhere in Canada with a good internet connection (Remote Job)


  • Maintain spreadsheets such as industry organization and campaign master lists.
  • Schedule out the creation of campaigns across team using Asana.
  • Review for completion and install campaigns into proprietary software.
  • Update campaigns (typos, image revisions) when necessary.
  • Continually review campaign library and check campaigns for missing assets or necessary updates.
  • Take excellent notes.
  • Digitally attend daily calls and scheduled meetings (Hangouts, Meet, Zoom).

Required skills

  • English as a first language (ability to do surface level edits - typos/grammar).
  • Ability to follow/write complicated instructions.
  • Excellent organizational/planning skills.
  • Comfortable troubleshooting in a proprietary software environment.
  • Fast and reliable internet connection (not a skill, but we are a fully-remote company).

Preferred skills

  • Experience with Google Drive or cloud file management.
  • Experience with Asana task manager.
  • Copywriting/Editing background.
  • Comfortable discussing software at a user level.
  • Basic understanding of HTML.


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