Backend Software Engineer

Backend Software Engineer

JobCode: SB0001
Position: Full time
Location: Jaipur, India or Vizag, India


  • Develop backend logic that powers our web and mobile application.
  • Deliver quality code with unit tests and documentation.
  • Attend daily standup and work a few hours in US Eastern Time Zone.
  • Complete your stories in the sprint.
  • Help team members complete their stories in the sprint.
  • Be on-call in PagerDuty (rotating shifts)
  • Participate in outage calls and post-mortem calls.

Required skills

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Strong programming skills in at least one programming language like php, python, C or C++.
  • Database knowledge (MySQL or MongoDB)
  • Excellent communication
  • Self and quick learner
  • B.E or B.Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology discipline from the graduating class of 2019

Preferred skills

  • Basic knowledge of web server
  • Basic knowledge of communication protocols
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS
  • Go lang
  • Git
  • HTTP REST API based services
  • OOPS concepts and design patterns


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  • Finally, you will be solving complex problems, which for the RIGHT person is extremely inspiring. 
  • If you have what it takes and you are motivated to accelerate your career, please email your resume to ​ with the job code in the subject.