Our Story

The evolution of SYNDUIT defines the quintessential entrepreneur’s journey. Our Founder, Jared Yellin, started the company in his apartment in July 2012. He bootstrapped the expansion, pivoted at the exact right time, depleted the bank account to hire talented entrepreneurs to join the team, and eventually stabilized the business model building into what is now known as the most impactful movement in the history of transformers (Health Professionals, Network Marketers, and Coaches).

Transformers are dominant, especially when united. They have the ability to create a level of health, financial, and time FREEDOM for themselves and for each person they touch.

The biggest challenge we find facing business owners in the 21st century is marketing. There are a variety of conduits to reach people, strategies seem more complex than ever before, and a strong understanding of technology is a requirement to achieve success.

As a result, many Health Professionals, Network Marketers, and Coaches are finding themselves in a position where finances are unnecessarily tight, stress is extremely high, and the passion that once existed is beginning to dissipate.  

What if we were to tell you that we have solved all of these struggles with literally one click of a button?

At SYNDUIT, we are driven to make Health Professionals, Network Marketers, and Coaches the most sought after path for entrepreneurs. The world needs more transformers and we will play our part by helping you to Stop Guessing and Market Smarter.