Here Is What We Know About You

  • You are either a Health Professional, Network Marketer, or Coach (possibly all three!)
  • You have absolutely no desire to work for anyone other than yourself
  • You want (or need) to create additional income by growing your business
  • You are wildly passionate about your product or service
  • You have a vision which includes both time and financial freedom
  • You are often guessing when it comes to growing your business
  • You often feel like you are trying to change the world on an island by yourself
  • You constantly bounce between fear and excitement regarding your business
  • You are drowning in an excessive amount of unautomated daily tasks

Since we obviously "get who you are," we know how to support your needs as a Health Professional, Network Marketer, or Coach.

Once you join the SYNDUIT movement, our award-winning team of passionate, creative, and driven support strategists will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you are fully optimizing your experience.

You are NEVER alone and we are simply an email or a chat away from helping you breakthrough whatever is holding you back. We love to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

SYNDUIT is a crowdsourcing platform for Network Marketing Professionals. As a Network Marketer, you have the ability to submit any proven and compliant business growth strategies that you are using to grow your business. Our team will then install your personal voting page so that you can get your downline, friends, and family to help vote on your strategy. Once you accumulate enough votes, the SYNDUIT team will then transition your strategy from the voting process to the building stage.

This is where our professional copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, and social media strategists collaborate  to bring your ideas to life. Our goal is to create the most professional and comprehensive version of your strategy the world has ever seen. Once the strategy is completed, we will install the campaign into the SYNDUIT Dashboard so Network Marketers can replicate, automate, and personalize your growth strategy with the click of a button.

All strategies are company and brand agnostic, which allows you to try new things and make existing growth plans even more effective. The diversity of these strategies is extraordinary, but the best part is that there is no more guessing when it comes to growing your Network Marketing business as each idea has been proven by others just like you.

Types of campaigns that we have built consist of the following:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • House Parties
  • Business Builder automated communications
  • Teleseminars
  • Conventions and Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Referral Challenges
  • Educational Email Drip Campaigns
  • Team Engagement
  • Retention Series
  • Community Initiatives
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Tribal Challenges
  • Product Launches
  • Holiday Themes
  • And so much more!

The best part is that you have a voice and we are always listening. Once you join the SYNDUIT tribe, you are encouraged to contribute any additional strategies that with help your business, support your team, and benefit the entire Network Marketing profession.

The strategies come from the CROWD!

The crowd are people just like you - Network Marketing Professionals who have the desire to create more freedom for themselves and for their team. Any Network Marketer who has found a strategy that works in their business is welcome to submit their idea so the SYNDUIT team can begin building it once the campaign gathers enough votes. Everything we build has been proven and is compliant so that you can stop guessing and market smarter.

Voting acts as our validation test. It ensures every strategy submitted is something that other Network Marketing Professionals approve of and want us to build so that they can use it to replicate success.

Submitted campaigns that are questionable when it comes to compliance may be reviewed by attorneys or simply not entered into the building stage. Everything in SYNDUIT is proven and undergoes rigorous compliance testing so that users can rest easy knowing that their selected business strategy is ethical and safe.

SYNDUIT will become the only tool you need to grow your Network Marketing business and it replaces the need for any of the following:

  • All email marketing systems (ie. Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi)
  • All event registration systems (ie. Eventbrite, CEvent, etc.)
  • All landing page tool generators (ie. Leadpages, Unbounce, etc.)
  • All social media posting services (ie. Hootsuite, etc.)
  • All freelance copywriter or designers (ie. Elance, Freelance, etc.)

The one area we do not focus on is the HOW TO of growing your Network Marketing business. This is why it is important to continue listening to your leaders, coaches, and trainers who can teach you scripting, prospecting, closing, presenting, product knowledge, and other skills. SYNDUIT is the tool that will help you execute on what your leaders and coaches are teaching you. 

Our plans are simple and affordable in an effort to make sure that everyone  can utilize the most powerful tool available in your industry.

Grow - This is the perfect plan for the busy entrepreneur who has an email list of less than 2,500 people.

Accelerate - This is the ideal plan for the busy entrepreneur who has an email list of less than 5,000 people.

Impact - This is the ideal plan for the busy entrepreneur who has an email list of less than 10,000 people.

Explode - This is the ideal plan for the busy entrepreneur who has an email list of less than 20,000 people.

If your company wants you to grow and prosper then they will LOVE SYNDUIT! In addition, all of the strategies are company agnostic, brand agnostic, and product agnostic. We make no reference to anything that a company would question. 

Each strategy inside of your SYNDUIT Dashboard is available for you to use. Once you select which strategy (or strategies) you want to use, all that you need to do is enter the date and time (if appropriate) and hit LET’S ROCK. This strategy will be replicated, automated, and personalized with the following:

  • Beautifully designed landing pages installed for online registration completely customized with your information, and personalized with your headshot and biography.
  • Custom marketing emails pre-scheduled to be sent either to your entire email database or a segment of your database
  • Series of personalized social media posts already scheduled and automatically posting on your social media accounts
  • Series of autoresponders fully customized and sent to registrants of your campaign
  • Professional print materials fully personalized with your headshot, bio, and all necessary details
  • Online printing available with one click of a button

All of this would take you dozens of hours and diverse talent to create on your own and if your background is not in design, writing, or marketing the final product will be mediocre at best. With SYNDUIT, all of this is accomplished with one click and ten seconds of your time.

When you create an account on SYNDUIT this is for use by only one person. Everything is personalized to YOU so it would be ineffective to share your account with anyone. Simply share your automatically generated SYNDUIT downline link with anyone on your team who is ready to grow, prosper, and create FREEDOM in their lives and you will get credit which will make you eligible for some pretty cool prizes. In addition, you will be contributing to our mission to Unite 1 million Network Marketing Professionals so that – together – we can help create freedom for 1 billion people from around the world.

We make it exceptionally easy because we guide you every step of the way. Our team of dedicated, passionate, somewhat crazy, and overly supportive onboarding specialists are waiting to help get you started on your path to create FREEDOM. Our system is so easy that you can sign up and launch at least one strategy in less than 5 minutes. You are one step away - click here and pick whichever plan is best for you.

We are more than happy to answer any questions regarding billing. Simply email and someone from our billing team will respond as soon as possible.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

No worries, we will simply upgrade your account. There will be no service interruption during this time because our primary objective is to help you create FREEDOM - and SYNDUIT is your tool to make this a reality.

Most certainly, and you can do this inside of your SYNDUIT Dashboard in the My Account page. Restrictions could apply if you have already crossed a threshold with your email database size.

You own your contact list, but if there is any concern, please visit our Terms and Conditions to put your mind at ease.

We have three options for you based on your needs as a Network Marketer. The only other optional fees are the online printing service that we provide as a convenience for our tribe. We have integrated with a third party online printer and we pass along the printing costs without markup to you. Your credit card on file with SYNDUIT will be charged for any printing services. Please make sure to read the printing policies prior to using this optional service.