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SYNDUIT Dashboard, Ready To Launch

This is where the magic happens. The SYNDUIT Dashboard allows you to choose from proven, ready-to-go, crowdsourced campaigns that are automatically customized for your business.

The SYNDUIT Dashboard acts as the automated marketing department for your business with an easy to use email marketing system, automatic social media posting, online event or party registration, and of course, the library of proven business growth strategies that you can launch in seconds.

Replicate, Automate, and Personalize in Seconds

You have the ability to plan and manage your business growth strategies directly from the SYNDUIT Dashboard. This means that your marketing efforts will no longer be reactive, completed in the last minute, or not done at all. SYNDUIT will enable you to build a business growth plan in seconds. You can also read reviews of each campaign, get recommendations from our concierge service, manage your subscriber list, and make edits to any of the strategies on the fly.

Combining Online and Offline

Every business growth campaign will combine both online and offline resources in order make your marketing approach extremely comprehensive. Everything from posters, flyers, handouts, mailers, emails blasts, social media posts, landing pages, autoresponders, and so much more is personalized and automated with each strategy.

To take things even easier, we have an exclusive partnership with an online printed who, (with your approval), can print out and mail assets like posters directly to your doorstep.

Choose From Hundreds Of Proven Strategies

From Leaders in Your Industry