The Proven SYNDUIT Process

Stop Guessing and Market Smarter with SYNDUIT.


At SYNDUIT, we leverage the genius that exists within the Health Professional, Network Marketing, and Coaching industries by providing business owners the ability to submit proven marketing campaigns. Campaign vary from webinars, social media initiatives, lead generation, and autoresponder sequences to parties, workshops, and so much more.

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All Health Professionals, Network Marketers, and Coaches are invited to vote on crowdsourced strategies that are proven to grow your business. This is your chance to hand select campaigns that will lay a foundation for your success.

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All strategies that receive enough votes will be handled by one of our Creative Directors who will assemble an extremely talented team of Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Copywriters, and Social Media Strategists. Each team collaborates to bring validated strategies to life in the most comprehensive and professional manner.

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Once a strategy is built, it is added to the SYNDUIT Dashboard where all Health Professionals, Network Marketers, and Coaches have the ability to launch the entire campaign with one click. Upon execution, the strategy is replicated, automated, and personalized to the user in seconds.

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So Much More Than Software

The SYNDUIT Dashboard is a fully-featured software platform that can be accessed on any mobile device and/or computer. Everything needed to grow a Health Professional, Network Marketing, or Coaching business is made available to the user including the following features; email marketing, drip sequences, lead generation, autoresponders, social media scheduling and posting, landing pages, event registration, and even printed materials.

But SYNDUIT is so much more than software because in seconds you have the ability to launch a proven business growth strategy that is fully replicated, automated, and personalized to you.

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You are Part of the Experience

You gain immediate access to dozens of proven business growth strategies which have been crowdsourced from leaders in various industries including Health Professionals, Network Marketers, and Coaches. All strategies that earn enough votes are brought to life by our expert team of Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, and Social Media Strategists.

This includes everything from webinars, interactive workshops, parties, social media initiatives, community events, autoresponder sequences, lead generation, and so much more. This is your chance to Stop Guessing and Market Smarter..

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SYNDUIT creates FREEDOM for Health Professionals, Network Marketers, and Coaches!

Babette Gilbert-Teno

This is a game changer for new to Network Marketers as well as for Seasoned Professionals! I'm so excited to be part of this movement that will help people achieve momentum much quicker and stay in the game! P.S. I love Synduit's Mission!

Woody Woodward

There are many companies in the Network Marketing Profession who claim to be making a difference. Of the 20 years I have worked in the industry, there are very few who have the ability to move the needle as significantly as SYNDUIT.

DelRae Messer

I couldn’t think of anyone better to represent the network marketing profession. SYNDUIT represents exactly what our profession is about - making a massive difference in people’s lives by developing relationships and people. 

Doris Wood

SYNDUIT is a breath of fresh air. The company makes all distributors in our profession much more successful, quicker. SYNDUIT is already making a massive difference in Network Marketing and I am excited about the future of our profession.