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Helping businesses find more freedom.

Here at SYNDUIT, our mission is to help you make more time for living. Everyday, regular life—and the little moments that make yours unique—are what matter most. We know that some days, it's just not possible to live up to expectations, especially when it comes to marketing your business. As business owners and changemaker entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what drives you, which is why we are driven to provide you with an affordable, user-friendly digital marketing strategy! 



We understand entrepreneurs because we ARE entrepreneurs!

Our Founder, Jared Yellin, started the company in Fort Lee, NJ, with NO money and NO team. By the end of the year, SYNDUIT was serving 700 members across 20 industries ranging from healthcare, speakers, authors, coaches, and more.


SYNDUIT developed a fully automated platform with affordable and easy-to-use software. In just six months following the launching, SYNDUIT was serving over 1,000 chiropractors!


SYNDUIT launched a brand-new software platform catering to Health Professionals, Life and Business Coaches, and Network Marketing Professions.


A better, faster, more flexible version of the first SYNDUIT dashboard was launched, giving more customization and control to customers.


SYNDUIT rebranded in response to helping over 20,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses!


After much demand, SYNDUIT began to offer a white label version of the platform, called SYNDUIT Private Label. 


The launch of industry-specific private labels.

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