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How to Humanize Your Content

Content marketing is based on the idea that you are forming relationships with your customers to secure their business for the long term, rather than just getting a sale. Your brand must support your voice so that your audience feels like they’re communicating with a person, not just a label.

The voice behind your brand

What Does it Mean to Humanize Content, and Why Does it Matter?

With technology advancing every day, it is easy to lose your voice and come across as stiff or automated, rather than using your voice as a business and supporting your brand to sound more like you are starting a conversation. When you give your brand a personal voice, your customers will feel a deeper connection to your product and develop a trusting relationship to secure them as long-term customers.

But why is this so important? With social media and internet access supporting a global market with a button, you want your business to stand out. Creating content that supports your brand and your voice is a great way to attract a customer base that aligns with your views and encourages them to choose you over your competitors.

How to Humanize Your Content

Changing the face of marketing

Long-Term Marketing

By prioritizing a long-term marketing approach, you can create a relationship with your customers that will encourage them to continue supporting your brand and bringing them back for repeat business, boosting your business's return on investment (ROI).

Rather than advertising your business in the traditional format, which is quick and to the point, you create brand awareness for your business. This can be achieved by creating thought-provoking and engaging content that makes your customers a part of the conversation and not just securing the sale. When you create a supportive customer experience, they are more likely to return on their own and support your business by referring like-minded individuals who can benefit from your content, not just your products and services.

Build Relationships on Social Media

With such a large audience at your disposal, you may feel tempted to utilize this platform to sell your business and promote advertisements with the sale at the forefront of your mind. This can work against you. Users are turning to social media as a source of entertainment. We are bombarded by ads and sales tactics daily from television and digital ads sources. Customers come to social media as a reprieve from this, so your content should be created to capture their attention, not their sales.

Creating engaging content on social media is a great way to start a conversation. Consider posting a tutorial or something they could use, and ask for engagement in the comment section. Providing your customers with resources that they can leverage for their gain will give them the impression that there is a personal connection with your business and ensure they stay tuned into your content rather than overlooking it.

Create a Fun Experience for your Customers

Providing your customers with an experience rather than a sales pitch is a great way to entertain and capture their attention. It is human nature to gravitate towards humor and entertainment. When you create an atmosphere for your customers that is light-hearted, you can engage with them deeper and leave a lasting impression. When your customers think of your brand, you want them to feel like they are part of the conversation and that you left a smile on their faces. Consider the tone of your content and ensure that they are gaining insight into what you can offer them, but they are left with a smile on their face and look forward to what they see next.

Developing a voice for your brand is essential in content marketing as it leaves your customers feeling satisfied and fulfilled by your message. This could be a significant deterrent when focusing on stiff and pushy sales tactics. Your business should feel like an old friend and leave them feeling like they know the person behind the screen. Humanizing your content is essential in securing customers for the long term and helps support your brand now and in the future.

Creating content that doesn’t come off as too sales-oriented can be intimidating. That is why SYDUIT has developed an extensive library of digital campaigns that will help support your brand message and focus on building customer relationships. Sign up today and learn how you can access SYNDUIT’s curated content created by marketing experts that can benefit your business and help you start marketing like a pro.


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