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How to Use Social Media for Content Marketing

With billions of users all over the globe, social media has become one of the most vital sources for content marketing in today's digital era. Connecting with individuals instantaneously allows your business to leverage content marketing strategies and stand out from the competition. But where do you begin? Let’s look at some marketing strategies to create and distribute multiple social media platforms.

social media marketing is as important as ever

Why is Content Marketing via Social Media so Important?

Unlike traditional marketing tactics, content marketing is derived from the idea that you are marketing to your audience based on relationships and building rapport rather than pushing sales. This allows your customers to develop and trustworthy relationship with your brand, encouraging them to reach out to you first over similar companies in your industry.

Social media allows you as a business owner to leverage that business-to-customer relationship better than any alternative form of marketing. A study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute determined that 93% of B2B (business to business) marketers listed social media as one of their top five content marketing tactics.

Content marketing and social media work hand in hand. Creating and distributing content that your customers can find value beyond your product and services while connecting directly with them and communicating efficiently.

How to use Content Marketing on Social Media

stand out from the crowd

Each social media platform you use to leverage content creation will have its unique presentation. It is essential to understand what type of content should be created depending on this factor. For instance, Instagram relies on imaging and short videos to provide the audience with appealing and engaging content. In contrast, Facebook allows more flexibility to create a lengthier written presentation leveraging more text.

Regardless of your chosen platform, you can use a few rules of thumb to learn how to efficiently content market on social media.

Get to know your audience

Depending on the type of products or service you offer, you might attract more engagement on one form of social media over the other. It is essential to recognize and leverage this observation.

For example, if you own a landscaping company, the demographic you are marketing to might not be as interested in reading a lengthy informational or statistical form of research. Instead, they would take more benefit and interest from content that directly relates to your quick services and is to the point. You could post short articles to inform about seasonal upkeep on Facebook or rely on Instagram to showcase ways to improve your lawn's general health visibly. Being conscious of the content you are producing, and the platform where you are receiving the most attention are vital steps in utilizing social media.

Humanize your Brand

What makes content marketing so successful is the ability to communicate directly with your audience in a relatable manner, giving your business a personality that customers will trust. Your customers want to know that when they choose your company over a competitor in your field, they choose a brand they support deeper than just the products or services your company can offer. If your approach comes off as a sales pitch or advertisement on social media, your audience is there to be entertained and will most likely tune this out. Creating a voice behind your brand will catch their attention and keep them engaged for the long term.

There is no better way to get your message across than social media. Your website should remain your marketplace for your company, but your focus on social media should connect with your customers more resounding. Here you can share posts about workplace life or how you are interacting with your community. Use social media to share messages that align with your brand as a business owner without coming across like a salesperson.

Be Responsive and Fast

When customers stumble across your content, they expect immediate attention should they interact with you or reach out for additional information. Not responding promptly will encourage them to move to the next business offering a similar opportunity. With social media, you often have one chance to get things right with a customer the first time. Poor customer service will lose their attention and inhibit you from building that long-standing relationship that is the ultimate goal of content marketing. Remember to track comments on posts as well as tags and personal messages. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your customers and keep them engaged.

Social media allows us to communicate with one another on a level our predecessors never even thought was possible. Once you know how to communicate with your customers, content marketing through social media will allow your business to put a voice behind the label and secure long-term relationships with customers built around trust.

Still unsure of where to even begin on social media? SYNDUIT’s done for you platform provides you as a business owner with access to thousands of prewritten campaigns designed to engage with customers while supporting your brand. Sign up today and learn how you can take advantage of SYNDUIT’s one-of-a-kind software and start marketing on social media successfully.


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