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What is SEO Marketing?

If you have been researching the best ways to market your business in today's world, you may have stumbled upon SEO marketing. Search engine optimization isn’t a new concept. Companies have been taking advantage of this marketing method for several years. SEO relies on keywords and digital network algorithms to push your business to the top of search engine results. Follow this guide to learn how you can get started.

get your company noticed on search engines

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO marketing, is the process of pushing your business to the top of search engine results organically. One way to accomplish this is by creating content that includes key phrases that your audience is searching for.

SEO relies on an in-depth understanding of what your clients are searching for. Utilizing keywords and specific search terms that are relevant to your audience will help algorithms—thus your clients—identify your content.

Why is SEO Marketing Important?

The internet provides access to a massive array of content and advertising, so how do you get your business to stand out from the crowd? SEO marketing is a great way to draw traffic to your website and secure leads without additional overhead costs.

The goal of SEO marketing is to boost your presence in relevant online search results. This is often achieved by producing content your customers are seeking.

For example, someone interested in learning more about dog food options may turn to Google and search something like “Best Dog Foods for Weight Management.” If your company were to specialize in this type of food, you could create content that explicitly utilizes critical terms and phrases related to this search.

The more traffic you receive, this will push your business to the top of Google’s search results, allowing Google’s algorithm to find value in your content. This customer who needed to find the right product for their pet came across your business before looking into any other alternatives. Once they have their foot in the door, you are more likely to secure their business.

Tips and Reminders for SEO Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing practices, SEO focuses directly on what the customer is looking for. Here are a few tips to get you started with SEO marketing and help improve your appearance on search engines.

Conduct keyword research

This is likely the most important step in optimizing your appearance on search engines with SEO. By determining what your customers are looking for, you can provide the key to creating content that will capture their attention and gain traction on search engines. Online services like Ubersuggest allow you to select a keyword or phrase and get analytic results you can use to leverage your content.

Understand the anatomy of search results

3 significant components make up search engine optimization.

#1 Webpage text (Content component)

For your business to reach your target audience, the keywords and phrases in your content must match what your customers are searching for.

#2 How your pages are linked (Link Component)

There is nowhere to link these keywords without linking your pages so your customers can find you. Linking your web pages increases your chances of your customers locating you.

#3 Links to your site (In-bound link component)

The Google “PageRank” (PR) or “Link Popularity” component of a search engine algorithm analyzes how many websites link to your website.

Write for your audience

Getting into your audience's mind is the best way to understand the complexity of what they would be searching for and why. Focusing on creating content and including relevant links when you are thinking like a customer will allow you to leverage these key phrases and not only gain traction on search engines but provide your audience with content they will want to continue reading through, allowing your links to get the most traffic from one visit.

SEO marketing is a fantastic way to ensure your business gets the attention it deserves. By utilizing the power of the internet and search engine optimization, you can push traffic to your company and provide your customers with the content they need.

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