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What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to advertising your business, there are many different strategies you can employ. From creating custom emails to sharing your services on social media, there are dozens of digital marketing strategies you can utilize to generate leads.

is your digital marketing strategy working for you?

Of course, how you market your services is up to you. Since you're busy running your business, below are a few popular digital marketing strategies to help you get started.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is comprised of online marketing strategies and technologies such as computers, cell phones, and social media networks. This includes email and web-based advertising.

A shift from print marketing to an online format offers businesses more visibility as their message can be delivered to specific audiences. With traditional marketing becoming a thing of the past, the importance of understanding digital marketing is more crucial than ever.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

One of the most appealing aspects of digital marketing is that it's cost-effective. When it comes to balancing expenses for your business, digital marketing can give you more bang for your buck on a relatively small budget. Traditional marketing can carry a heavy price point based on products, advertising, and physical materials in order to reach your target market. Digital marketing offers an optimal return on investment (ROI) by reaching a larger audience in real-time.

The digital marketing world also offers the opportunity to reach a more targeted audience putting the control back in the hands of the business owner. With traditional marketing services, businesses were reliant on visibility from the market in which they were advertising. For example, when marketing through a local newspaper, the audience is restricted to those reading the publication. Digital marketing provides the opportunity to reach an audience targeted specifically to those that could that would take a direct interest in the business that is being marketed, optimizing the ROI. Geographically, digital marketing provides a more expansive reach than traditional. The internet connects the world globally like never before, with social media platforms allowing like-minded individuals to connect within the same market.

Digital Marketing Examples

Social Media Posting

Social media is an excellent tool for advertising your business' services while engaging with clients. The key is to post regularly across multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You'll want to generate content that grabs the attention of potential clients with unique content and design.


Creating monthly newsletters is a great way to stay top of mind when promoting your services. You can create an entire year's worth of content to send out to your contacts. Newsletters help serve as a reminder for clients about the services you offer.

Promotional Marketing

Offering discounted services or free consultations is a great way to generate leads! Social media is a great way to promote your services and get the word out about special promotions you offer.

Referral Marketing

Asking current clients to review your services is a great way to boost your digital visibility. Invite clients to leave you a Google review through email or social media marketing. More and more prospective clients base their decision to hire a company solely on reviews from other users.

You can also ask current clients to refer you to friends and family or provide contact information to others who might be interested in your services. Referrals can be used as a list-building strategy to reach more leads.

Online Events

Online events offer a great way to engage with your audience. In addition to educating attendees about your product or service, online events offer lead-generating opportunities.

When the right digital marketing strategy is in place, your business will have the opportunity to reach your target audience, allowing them to have all of the information they need to feel confident in your product or service.

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