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How to Enhance Your Digital Marketing with LinkedIn

With more professionals turning to LinkedIn as a reliable resource to network their business, it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tools to use in digital marketing. LinkedIn offers features that serve to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.

are you using LinkedIn to your advantage?

LinkedIn is the world’s most extensive professional network. It’s a fantastic platform that allows you to create a company page to promote your business and gain credibility and legitimacy as a business owner. This is because creating and keeping up with a LinkedIn account boosts your digital footprint, improves your SEO for local searches, and can ultimately help increase your website traffic!

Wondering how exactly to utilize LinkedIn? Share business highlights, special offers, and interesting stories you think your followers would enjoy. You can also record webinars, podcasts, or other virtual events you host, and upload them onto your LinkedIn page. With marketing platforms like SYNDUIT, integration with LinkedIn is easier than ever.

LinkedIn is also extremely useful for researching other businesses and people in your community. Whether you’re looking for new business clients or trying to engage more in local events to build brand awareness, consider LinkedIn as a place to congregate with other business owners. Don’t forget, you can also use LinkedIn to check up on your competitors in your market!

When you go to build your account, make sure that you have:

- a link to your website

- an overview of the products or services offered by your business (a paragraph or two is plenty)

- all of your business's updated contact information (including location)

After that, link your account to SYNDUIT and get posting!

SYNDUIT’s automated state-of-the-art software provides personalized branding with curated content backed by leading industry experts. We are the only affordable marketing solution tailored explicitly for business owners and entrepreneurs.


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